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By The Light Of A Small T.V.

new record store in houston

3710 Main near the corner of W.Alabama. On the Same block as Continential Club, Taco's-A-Go-Go, Big Top, and the MINK.

The hours run like this:
Mon.-Wed. 11am-9pm
Thur.-Sat. 11am-12am(sometimes as late as 2am)
Closed Sundays(for now)

And if you can't remember any of that. just call at:

Or goto:

The On The Mouth Stuff is near the back.

Here's the deal: Tomas(Sig's owner and and singer for such acts as the Suspects, the El-Orbits and Clouseaux) is letting me have a space in his store to once again supply the music fiends of Houston with their fix.

However, i need your help. Come out and start checking out things and buying them so's i can get things going and bring more and more goods in. Pretty simple, huh? I'll be posting here and on the Hands Up Houston message board when i'll be up there as well, in case you want to hear stuff before you buy it. Or if you want any suggestions as well.

I also have a myspace. It's On The Mouth music store. Be my friend.

And please help to spread the word and get people to come out. Thanks!

Alright, so i've hauled what was left of my distro over to Sig's along with a bunch of random used stuff. All the On The Mouth stuff is marked with a big red price tag(new and used). Think of it like the new white donut for those of you that remember that. The first "order" in is from the fine folks at Team Science and friends. A partial list of the goodies is as follows:

*All the current O'Pioneers!!! releases like
-"Black Mambas" CD and limited silkscreened jacket LPs
-split CD with Saw Wheel
-split 7" with the Measure(SA)
-split 7" with By The End Of Tonite
*Shotbaker LPs (imagine if Naked Raygun were only 22 years old. It's that good)
*Monikers CDEP (Ryan from Discount plays guitar and sings in this Jawbreaker-esque trio)
*New Bruises CD (Anthemy punk from southern FL similar to Avail)
*Witches With Dicks CD (Like a really gruff, dirty Dillinger Four)
*Papermoons 7"
*The Measure(SA) "Historical Fiction" CD
*Razorcake Magazine
*By The End Of Tonite LPs
*By The End Of Tonite/Tera Melos split CDs

And a coupla other things slipping my mind right now. In the next day or so will be an order from No Idea as well with tons of other goodies. Be on the lookout. See you at Sig's!
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